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Painting Unique Homes in Mill Valley

McCarthy Painting has painted homes and businesses in Mill Valley since 1969. Our founder Fred McCarthy, started his painting contracting business here because of Mill Valley’s beautiful locale and the unique charm of its eclectic homes. No two homes in Mill Valley are alike. And many of the older homes in the area have been remodeled and/or have had new additions added on to the original property, presenting difficult exterior and interior painting challenges.

Exterior painting jobs in Mill Valley can be particularly challenging because many homes have different types of siding, ranging from stucco to ship-lap siding, to the very common cedar shingles. A single home may have a combination of these different types, each with its own unique painting requirements. Stucco may need an elastomeric paint, while cedar or redwood shingles require staining with a transparent wood preservative, enhancing the beauty of the natural wood.

Interior painting can also be challenging since many homes have different wall surfaces, including sheet rock, plaster and wood paneling. Older houses often retain the original lath and plaster, causing hairline cracks that require special preparation. Other Mill Valley homes with unpainted, water stained, open wood beam ceilings can require aesthetic restoration or repair.

After over 38 years of painting locally, we have developed a keen understanding and knowledge of residential painting in Mill Valley.

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